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Endovascular Management of Right Renal Artery Aneurysm
A 54 years old male with hypertension history was noted to have renal dysfunction(Cr: 1.3mg/dL)and microhematuria since this March. Further image study disclosed right renal artery aneurysm 3.7x2.7 cm and partial infarction of right renal parenchyma. Endovascular exclusion of renal artery aneurysm with Gore Viabahn 5x50 mm endoprosthesis was performed on 2010-06-24. Intraoperative angiogram showed complete exclusion of aneurysm without typeⅠendoleak. The post-procedure course was eventless. CTA study one month later revealed residual typeⅡendoleak with partial thrombosis of aneurysm. Presently he was under regular OPD surveillance.