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Free paper(Recorded case) 通過 心臟移植術後併發嚴重前縱隔腔黴菌感染及昇主動脈假性動脈瘤之血管腔內治療經驗
Endovascular treatment for post heart transplantation complicated severe anterior mediastinal fungal
Demographic Characteristics Age: 65-year-old Gender:Male Medical History: End stage heart disease s/p heart transplantation, CAD, s/p CABG, MVP, Renal insufficiency, HBV, Clinical presentation Sudden massive blood loss via substernal tube, and shock on 2009-09-06. Emergent operation was done. Postoperative ascending aortic pseudoaneusym was diagnosed on CT scan. Brief History Progressively enlargement of the substernal pseudoaneursym, chest tightness and pain